Friday, April 20, 2012

Opening at Principle

Posted by: Kate

The opening of Women Painting Women: The Expedition and Beyond at Principle Gallery last week was a great success.  There were an awful lot of red dots on opening night.  I truly wish I could have made it. 

 I love this painting by Rachel Constantine.  I always wonder what path in life brought the man in the background to this point.
 Some of these are studies we did back in 2010 when we went on a painting expedition in South Carolina.
 My Vanitas in a purdy frame
 A red dot!
 Painting by Alex Tyng.
 From left to right is work by Mia Bergeron, Linda Tracey Brandon, Catherine Prescott, Linda Tracey Brandon, me, and Sadie Valeri
 Diane Fiessel, Alia El-Bermani, and Terry Strickland
 Shannon Runquist
 Alexandra Tyng and Rachel Constantine
 Alia El-Bermani, and Catherine Prescott's life-size portrait of me.
 Above the fireplace, Stefani Tewes.
 More studies, and another red dot!
 On the wall, Sadie Valeri's self-portrait, and in front, Cindy Procious's oysters.
 Painting on right by Mia Bergeron.
Shannon Runquist
 From left to right, paintings by Cindy Procious, Mia Bergeron, Linda Tracey Brandon, Catherine Prescott, and Linda Barton
 Stefani Tewes

What was that, six red dots in all?  I'm not really sure because my vicarious experience of the show has been limited to creeping photo albums on Facebook and text messages on opening night.  Above are the lovely ladies of the Women Painting Women Expedition, clockwise from top left: Diane Fiessel, Rachel Constantine, Alex Tyng, Catherine Prescott, Linda Tracey Brandon, Shannon Runquist, Terry Strickland, Alia El-Bermani, Stefani Tewes, Sadie Valeri, Mia Bergeron, and in the front, not fitting into my clockwise naming strategy, is Cindy Procious.

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