Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Vanitas

Posted by: Dave

After seeing Kate's new Vanitas painting, I got jealous and decided to start one of my own. Except for academics, sports, street fighting, appearance, brains, building lego castles, and ninjitsu, I will never let a woman outshine me. Kate and I are both involved in a book project that involves painting a Vanitas theme, and before you ask, it's a preserved chinchilla in a jar that I purchased from an "Oddities" shop.....hell yeah. For this piece, I thought I would try a slightly different technique for the beginning stages, which I definitely did not rip off from the GCA......ok, I ripped it off from the GCA. I started by drawing everything out in graphite, which I then transferred to canvas. I reinforced my lines with a Micron pen so I wouldn't lose my drawing as the painting progressed through the beginning stages. I then covered the whole surface with a thinned layer of raw umber and used a rag to wipe out the light areas. Through this layer and the following ébauche, I was still able to see the inked lines. From here on out, I painted everything the same as usual. I find its good to change painting approaches for 3 reasons. One: it keeps my blog interesting. Two: painting gets boring, lets face it, its not as interesting as being a professional big game hunter. A little change is nice. Three: its not like I actually remember what the hell I'm doing from painting to painting. Maybe I should read my blog.

Drawing inked and ready to rock.

Wipe-out complete.

Some parts ébauche, some parts first painted.

Start of second painting on my preserved friend.

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