Monday, April 16, 2012

101st posting Super Ultra Mega Zombie Art Competition

Posted by: Dave

It's our 101st posting and to celebrate we are having the "Zombie Art Challenge." That's right, we are asking our readers to submit their best zombie artwork, and just look at what fabulous prizes are in store for you.

A certificate of manliness suitable for framing

2.37 cash (I found this while cleaning out my couch)

One pack of decadent beef jerky

A photograph of the brand new Honda Civic

Your work featured on this amazing blog

Deadline is May 15 for entries. Please email all entries (and hate mail) to Judging will be done by my friend's 8 year old daughter so no one can get mad at me for not picking them and it takes a real jerk to be mad at an adorable 8 year old. This competition is open to individuals in North America only because I am not paying for international shipping. Free to enter. Now here is a piece done by me to get you pumped up.

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  1. I am so pumped for this, even before seeing your manly piece.