Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I like purdy colors

Posted by: Dave

So I have finished up the drybrush and ebauche and will soon be moving into first painting. You can already tell from a technical standpoint just how manly this piece is going to be. Watch out woodland creatures, you are about to get owned by this guy. The most challenging part of the piece thus far has been selecting the color scheme. The two color studies on the upper left were executed first, but after becoming indecisive, I made 7 more. I find that if you have any doubts, you may want to explore other options even if you end up selecting the first one anyway (people do the same for dating so why not). Like the famous illustrator Gomer Pyle said, even if the first one feels right, do another 49 to make certain. I did in fact end up going with a cooler color field as opposed to a warmer brown one. It gives more of a feeling that he might actually be outdoors as opposed to an interior. I am still playing with the idea of putting snow on the jacket as well.

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