Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Hunter

Posted by: Dave

So I am continuing on my series of paintings about men trapping and hunting poor defenseless animals because they are delicious. This piece, "The Hunter" has the same model as the trapper, but will include a variety of hunting gear attached to his jacket, along with a double barrel shotgun slung over his shoulder. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to import my shotgun and antique pistol up from the states yet because apparently Canadians want lethal weapons to be "registered" and "licensed" and gun owners should pass a so called "safety test." Pfft. Thats all fine and dandy until you have to protect yourself from the king of England marching into your house (yah 2nd amendment).

Here you can see the drawing study with the head more or less rendered. I set up a mannequin beside it (which is almost sight-size) with his attire. I am still waiting on a couple items from ebay to arrive however, like his bandolier. The only challenge with the set up thus far is that all I have is a female mannequin, and a hunter with man-boobs isn't really what I am going for. I had to do some clever re-structuring underneath the jacket.


  1. You could set this up as a feminist discourse.

  2. Hunter with man-boobs would be post-modern. Is that a "Members Only" hunting jacket?

  3. Haha, just because someone is out hunting doesn't mean they don't have to look fashionable.