Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Posted by: Dave

Jason De Graaf got the answers right in about 30 seconds, and has proved his manliness among the art world. Congratulations. Our close second, who wins my infinite respect (valued at over 195 dollars), was Matthew Innis.

Answers to questions below.

Answer 1. Click here.

Answer 2. Belly of the pig.

Answer 3. Click here.


  1. Dang. Now I want bacon. Are you sure second place isn't bacon? Is your "Infinite Respect" transferable to my children upon my death?

  2. Haha, Sorry my respect is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for any cash value. I will have less crappy prizes in my next competition.

  3. I'm so honoured I won't even be so petty as to bring up the fact you spelled my name wrong, David Glukk.

  4. Power Metal was the first Pantera album to feature a man getting punched in the face. If you look at the album art, there is a starburst surrounding the musicians, that is you getting punched in the face by the power of metal.