Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucie and the Wind--DONE

Posted by: Kate

Kate here after a long hiatus.  Dave did pretty great job running the blog there for a bit, although I might have to go back to my website and remove the link to this blog so that people considering buying my paintings don't stumble across Dave's Taco Bowel comments and get turned off by us.

Time to wrap up the Lucie painting.  I finished it ages ago but right when I was ready to photograph it my camera croaked.  Luckily I was able to borrow one from a very generous friend and so we'll finish this thing.

Here is the finished painting all greased up with essential oil of petroleum (a sneak preview of what it will look like with varnish):

I ended up repainting the face again.  The problem with titanium white is it changes colour, and I am not imagining this.  I used to think I was crazy but then a few years ago I talked to another stricken soul who had uncovered the truth (and actually had the most impressive swatch tests to prove it) and I realized I was not alone.  You are not alone either.  If you are having trouble matching your flesh tones from a previous day, or when the paint dries and for some reason there is an obvious seam between different days' work, the solution is to bin the titanium already and switch to lead for the final pass.  And wear gloves, please

Right when I was finishing the painting I had this revelation that if I want people to know my name I should probably put it, instead of a monogram, on my paintings.  Yeah, I thought of that all on my own.

Anyhoo, I should explain the title.  The reason why this painting is called "Lucie and the Wind" and not "Lucie in the Wind" (which some people have called it), is because I had Robert Munsch's children's book "Millicent and the Wind" playing over in my head while I was developing the painting.  If you're not familiar with the story, it's about a girl who lives in the mountains far away from other children her age.  With no one to play with, she entertains herself with the wind.


(I'm suddenly French)


  1. Kate, I love this painting of Lucie And The Wind. It's so exquisite. Thank you posting the progression.

  2. Yes thank you. It's been great for my family and I to watch it take shape, and to see the exquisite and methodical work you do.


  3. Replies
    1. This wasn't a commission but Kate has been known to do them from time to time.