Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Posted by: Dave

Ok, I know I have been fairly lazy about posting updates. So sue me. However, I have started some studio landscapes. I go outdoors and execute small studies from nature, which I compose in the studio later in the form of a larger more complex work. This pic shows some color studies and one study for the landscape in the distance. I still need to gather more info for the trees in the foreground. I learned this working method from attending the Hudson River Fellowship, which was hands down the best and most useful time in my art education. If you ever want a great experience, I highly recommend it, though be prepared to work 12 hour days.

Also here is a picture of me boxing a bear that I met when I was out landscape painting. We got into a fight because we agreed to order a pizza together. Then when it was his turn to pony up the dough, he was like "but I only had one slice, so I should pay less." That wasn't the agreement; when 2 individuals order a pizza, the cost is split down the middle, no exceptions. I had to teach him a lesson.

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  1. Man do you ever have a lot of encounters with bears...