Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lucie and the Wind, Part 6

I'd totally apologize for not updating sooner, but I know you guys only drop by to read Dave's posts anyways.  It's because men are funnier than women.  I know this because when I say a joke, nobody laughs; but when Dave repeats my joke two seconds later to the exact same people, it's funny.  Ovaries are such a drag.

Here's Lucie's wig hat:

And here we put it on her head:
Smeared paint on the reverse of the paper and then used a stylus to trace the outlines, creating a transfer.  I usually use raw umber, but raw umber is transparent and would not show up well on the dark lay in of her hair.  Solution is to add just a little bit of titanium white to my raw umber.
And then I filled the outlines in with colour to get started:

Then I began to tease at the hair until it looked right.  Pushing darks, noodling some lights in.  Have to give just enough form to the hair to read well, but not so much that it slaps the viewer in the face.

A synthetic bright is nice to start with because it creates really decisive strokes and forces you to commit to specific locks of hair, instead of being kind of vague and doodling a bunch of scratchy squiggles.  However, I needed to move down to some very fine brushes to finish up.

And that explains the title of the piece, right?


  1. Really interesting stuff Kate, and I think you are very funny :D

  2. PS- I especially like the palette knife and other stuff defying gravity in that last shot.