Friday, May 20, 2011

New Still Life

Posted by: Dave

Below is a new still life I started at the beginning of May. For this one, I went with a 19th century medicine bottle theme. Its crunch time until my wife and I move, so I am painting with a cause, and have a week to finish it. You can see that parts of the painting are in different stages, and the cloth is still in the local color lay in stage. I find sometimes that it takes getting some parts finished so you can be excited about the piece, so I will sometimes not work everything up the same rate.

I also thought that I would do a little talk about palettes, since it seems like such a common theme on blogs and videos. Below is my palette. Notice how I don't clean it properly and I let the paint dry and cake up all over. I don't organize my colors, mediums, or tubes of paint. If you do the opposite of what I do, you will be better off.


  1. I'm loving the painting so far. I'm sure you'll get that crunch time energy and whip that paintings behind!

  2. Truly amazing work, this piece is coming along beautifully. I must say how impressed I am with your site and seeing artists working from life.