Friday, April 1, 2011

One Week In

Posted by: Kate

Okay, so Dave is totally kicking my ass on this competition, but SOMEONE leaves all the tax preparation and bookkeeping to their wife, who ends up taking days out of the studio as a result.  I went in yesterday and found that Dave is already first-painting the still life objects, meanwhile my painting was still just a half-finished drybrush riddled with drawing errors.  So, I decided to just skip the rest of the drawing stage, which was actually pretty stupid, and just dived right into colour.  I really, really hate the beginning stage of a painting and Dave does too.  I think we're both coming to the conclusion that the best way to deal with this stage is to just skip it.

Here is my colour lay-in, or ebauche, or whatever you want to call it.  Although I've abandoned the "drawing stage" of the painting, I still have to establish the drawing, and here I'm doing it with colour shapes instead of lines and light and dark patterns.

Here is an up-close shot to show the scruffiness of the paint in this stage.  You can make it really solid if you want, but that takes premixing of paint.  I like to slap colour up on the canvas and adjust it on the canvas surface, instead of the palette.  This of course creates a mess.

Here's a shot to show the edge quality at this stage.  Things have to stay kind of soft and undefined at this stage.  Aim for accuracy, but keep it vague.

And now for Speedy Gonzalez's painting:

While I was killing my right brain with a calculator Dave wrapped up his colour lay-in and got well into first-painting.  The colours are awesome and I'm really glad he went with the blue cable instead of the orange one.

Here's a close up of the first-painting. You can see that Dave is using a variety of paint texture. He'll probably keep building up the crusty impasto on the brick fragment until it feels suitably brick-y.

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