Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hirst vs. Hogarth

Posted by: Kate
We don't want to make a habit of taking so long between updates, but I was hoping to get some more photos of the opening before posting again.  In the meantime, here is a very interesting article about a study conducted at the Tate Museum where some observers with stop watches timed the average view time for a sampling of modern and traditional works of art, among them works by Damien Hirst, Whistler, and Sir John Everett Millais.  It worked out to an average view time of 13.5 seconds for the modern works (pickled lambs and such) and 1 minute and 49 seconds for the traditional works (oil paintings describing universal themes).  Unfortunately the study doesn't take into account individuals like myself who bypass the modern wing entirely.


  1. We are drawn to nature and the natural. I heard a similar observation some years ago regarding the launch of the Apollo missions and how, over time, people lost interest. The same people could look endlessly at sunsets, mountains etc, without ever tiring of them. While I don't reject modern art entirely (I believe there is some beauty in the expressions of one human to others in most forms), it can't be denied that we are drawn to the natural and we find majesty in it.

    Additionally, Damien Hirst is an ass.


  2. You can't look endlessly at a sunset. When it set's, it's OVER. I get bored after about 6 minutes. Then I want to see a Hirst. The early years.

    Study doesn't account for those who passed by the Whistlers entirely, either. In short, the 'study' is a crock of shit.
    There is such a thing as a beautiful idea. Even if you buy into this study, are you really going to get optimistic about the demise of the 'contemporary' art market over 35.5 seconds? Calm down, it's a rhetorical question. Get excited if it makes you happy. :D

    1. Ah but you can endlessly look at a sunset...if you have some super fast vehicle that can continue to follow it as the earth rotates.

    2. and just fyi, that would have to be going nearly 1,000 miles an hour. about the same speed at which I also bypass the modern wing......