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2016 Workshops

Duncan, BC:

All Duncan workshops are held out of my home studio. Sign ups are limited to 6-8 people depending on the nature of the workshop, providing a very intimate learning environment with lots of one-on-one instruction. A catered lunch is available for an extra fee. I'm happy to help out-of-towners find accommodations.

It's worth noting that the Cowichan Valley and Vancouver Island in general is a beautiful place to vacation in the summer! Drag your reluctant spouse along for some whale watching while you get your painting fix.

June 8-10: 3-Day Alla Prima Portrait in Oils $300 CAD (plus model fee)

An alla prima painting is a painting that is completed in just one sitting. It is a challenging and stimulating approach to painting that will force you to step outside of your comfort zone and put your drawing and color mixing skills to the test. Learn some tricks and strategies for getting beautiful flesh tones, a good likeness, and interesting paint quality. Students will work from a new model everyday.

June 17-18: 2-Day Charcoal and White Chalk Portrait $200 CAD (plus model fee)

Students will discover a new way of thinking about value and form when working with white chalk and charcoal on a toned grey paper. Students will work on the same drawing for two days, first focusing on creating an excellent likeness on sketch paper, before transferring onto grey paper and delving into the magic of charcoal and chalk.

June 20-24: 5-Day Portrait in Oils $500 CAD (plus model fee)

Tackle a portrait in five days following Katherine Stone’s four-step approach based on the French academic method. Students will leave the workshop with a simple and dependable system for approaching a complex subject. Flesh colour theory will be discussed in depth. Students will also learn about the professional side of portrait commissions and can participate in a portfolio critique.

July 11-16: 6-Day Textural Still Life in Oils $600 CAD

Learn some new tricks from award winning still life painter, Katherine Stone. Kate will share her four-step process for paint layering and her methodology for creating a work of art that will not yellow, delaminate, crack or peel. With the help of a slideshow of close up photos of her own work, Kate will also share her techniques for creating textural and optical effects.

While students work on their individual paintings, particular emphasis will be placed on using the natural behavior of oil paint to arrive at convincing textures. Katherine will share her own approach to tackling wood grain, reflections, shadows, and peeling paint. She will also discuss artistic choices in paint application: when to impasto, when to scumble, when to glaze. Students will leave the class with a logical step-by-step approach to still life and new confidence when confronted with complex textures and challenging visual effects.

July 25-29: 5-Day Still Life in Oils Foundation $560 CAD

This workshop is targeted at those who have not had a formal foundation in the medium or who are making the switch from another painting or drawing medium. Each day will start with a slideshow presentation and a discussion of new concepts—how to choose materials, colour mixing, paint layering, and also some history about the tradition of oil painting. Still life set-ups will consist of volumetric objects of a single colour and fabric.  Students will leave the workshop with improved control of the medium and a clear understanding of the technical process of oil painting.  Students must have the drawing skills needed to draw a still life from a still life set up.  Materials included.

Florence, Italy:

October 10-14, 17-21: 10-Day Textural Still Life $1485 USD

This is the same workshop as listed above, but it will be hosted by The Florence Studio. Ten days of painting in the cradle of western art. You down or what? There are five spots left. Sign up now because space is limited and the gelato is melting.  The price tag includes some goodies--read the poster below to learn more.

Upon registering you will be given a materials list, so don't jump the gun and buy everything on the Materials page of this blog just yet.  To register please contact Kate at kate@katestoneart.com.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be taken at the time of registration.  More workshops for the fall to be announced.  Sign up to our studio newsletter (to the right) to be kept in the loop.

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