Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Baby's First Art Show

Posted by: Kate

The Fetus formerly known as Cletus tagged along with me to our regional annual art show hosted by the Cowichan Valley Arts Council.  I didn't observe any nascent art appreciation, but I have eighteen years to make him like art.

I was thrilled to receive to receive Best in Show for "Furs," but I have to admit that Cletus has done some rewiring in my brain.  Every time anyone said "Congrats!" or "Beautiful!" to me, even as I was standing right next to my painting, I assumed we were talking about the baby.  "Oh thanks!  He's two  months old!"  Facepalm.

Big thanks to Morgan Saddington, CVAC Office Manager and PORTALS Coordinator.  She put me on the radar of a local TV programmer, Daphne Goode, who put together this lovely spot about me just before the show opened:

[Before you all get up in my grill about painting with a baby, I'll have you know that at this stage in a painting I use oil only.]

And yeah, every single day is a totally idyllic day in the studio with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest.  Snort.


  1. Such a great post! Love this segment they did on you. Congrats to you two on the former Fetus the Cletus. Was he with us by chance when you taught our workshop in VA? :)

    You look resplendent as a new mom. Happy for you Kate & David!

    1. No, he wasn't stowing away at the time, but I was very pregnant during my next circuit of workshops that fall!

  2. Great interview, Kate. And congrats on the award...very deserving!

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  4. Congratulations Kate!! Paint away! Baby and all. <3 — Tina Garrett

  5. Congratulations Kate! Paint away, baby and all!

  6. Hey Congrats on the award and this awesome spotlight video on you and your work! Can't wait to see you guys again and meet your little baby!

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