Sunday, February 21, 2016

Icarus X

Posted by: Kate

I take my inspiration from the Greats!  Below, Icarus on a Halfshell:

I actually painted this thing standing bent over.  The painting and the props were both resting on top of the crate.

While the wood colour was laid down willy-nilly above, I made sure to clean it up by dragging a textured bristle brush through it in the direction of the grain of the wood before letting it dry (below).

This wood texture was then easy to build up with a combination of semi-transparent scumbles and glazes.

Much easier to paint the text over the wood after letting it dry:

His gams aren't quite as shapely, but he's every bit as sweetly coy.  Available in my store.


  1. To do the lettering - did you make a stencil? Did you dry brush it to get the texture of the old paint in the lettering? I know I will get these kind of answers when I come to your workshop, but I'm like Hermione - I read all the text books before the class starts! :-)

  2. I laid down a thin oil couche (oleogel) to restore the true colours of the wood, and then I used some crisp Ivory flats from Rosemary to draw out the text. I used more oleogel on a different, clean Ivory flat to tidy up the the text. The paint went on thin quite naturally because of the oil couche, creating the dry brush look.