Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teeny Tiny Art Show

Posted by: Kate

I don't always enter local art shows, but when I do, I corner the market on kittens and hawt chicks.

I've lived in the Cowichan Valley for four years and have yet to participate in the local art scene.  However!  That is all about to change.  I've got two pictures in the Teeny Tiny Art Works gift show.  And since I'm trying to appeal to as many people as possible during my debut, I've painted two 5x7" paintings of...a kitten and a hawt chick.  I pretty much can't fail.

I've put a lot of science and stuff into the chart below.  I'm sharing it here for free.  You can thank me later.


By the way, the first painting is of my friend Tara.  Painting her is always kind of like cheating, because she just doesn't make a bad painting.


  1. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful sunset and I thought Kate should of entered a sunset instead of the kitten painting. Maybe next time:)

  2. was wondering - where do you get the kittens? My cat would be most upset if I painted any furball except her, but (whisper it) she just ain't as cute as a fresh kitten