Friday, June 26, 2015

"A Friendly Challenge" at Gallery 1261, Denver CO

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I will have some work hanging in Gallery 1261's new show, "A Friendly Challenge," which opens this Friday and runs until July 18th.

Something old...

O Sorrow, 27x17"
 and something new...

A Certain Slant of Light, 20x13"

The idea of the show was for each participating gallery artist to invite an outsider friend to participate.  I picked my favourite figurative painter in the vast white north, the incredible Tara Juneau, who, incidentally, is the model in "O Sorrow."  She exclusively works from life and paints in oils in spite of a solvent allergy, so she's hardcore.  Most artists' problem is a shortage of good work to ship to a gallery, so it kind of makes my left eye twitch when I survey Tara's massive stash of beautiful paintings that she just doesn't have time to ship to a gallery, because apparently shipping is way harder than painting.  So Dave and I took it upon ourselves to pack up four of her paintings and send them off.

Andromeda and the Blue Sky, 39x24"

Bear Skull, 12x9"
Lace, 24x12"

Soft Green, 17x14"

Tara seems to exclusively use friends and acquaintances to sit for her.  It's pretty hard to find professional nude models on the Island, and even harder to convince people you know to strip down.  I'd scratched head at her magical ability to get people to peel their clothes off, but then she asked me to sit for her.  She started off all "You can sit for me in your underwear.  You'll be covered with pearls and a scarf, so no one will even see.  Totally decent."  Sure.  That I can do.  Then on sitting number three she was all "*sigh* You're bra straps are getting in the way.  You could take it off and just use the pearls for coverage."  By sitting number seven I was buck naked and confused about how I got that way.  I suspect all her models feel the same.

Oh, and I don't feel bad if anything I've said in anyway embarrasses Tara, because after she finished painting me she put a photo of the painting on Facebook and tagged me in it--the same week that I was flooded with friend requests from Dave's extended family because I'd finally just met them all at a wedding.

If you're in Denver sometime during the next four weeks, make sure to stop by the gallery to check out her beautiful paintings.  Her skin tones are gorgeous.

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