Monday, May 11, 2015

My PSoA 6 x 9 donation

Posted by: Dave

The 6 x 9: Limited Size – Unlimited Talent: A Mystery Art Sale features 6x9" panels painted by previous award recipients, faculty, and other nationally known artists. Attendees have the opportunity to purchase, at a prix fixed price, a piece of art, the artist's name is revealed after the purchase. This was my years donation and attached backstory.

The story of Lord PondBottom is a rather interesting tail filled with hope, dreams, tragedy, and eventual loss. Lord PondBottom was born at the bottom of a pond to a family of immigrant trout. The other fish knew he was not of noble birth, but was merely stocked in the pond from the previous year. He was not born with a silver hook in his mouth like so many of the others. As a result, he was often teased at school and referred to as a “bottom feeder”. However, this only fed his ambitions to one day succeed and prove himself. Due to his finances, a better fish school was never an option for his continuing education. Eventually he was able to get a job at the Steelhead mill, producing raw materials for the market overseas. In the beginning, he pushed a mop for 12 hours a day cleaning up algae that would grow on the outside of the factory. Slowly, he “scaled” the corporate ladder to the position of executive vice president. For a brief time, he found true happiness. Unfortunately, the company went belly up during the great stock market crash of 1929, and he began drinking like a fish due to his depression. As the months passed, Lord PondBottom worked whatever odd jobs he could to keep himself from going afloat. He never married, and he never had any spawn of his own. He died at the ripe old age of 5 in a retirement fishing community.