Monday, November 17, 2014

Beginners' Oil Painting Workshop: December 6,7,13 & 14

Amazingly enough, our new studio is done.  It's been a long ride and I can't wait to share some pictures of the process in my next post.  This post is all about my upcoming Beginners' Oil Painting Workshop.  I'm throwing it together short notice because up till a week ago I wasn't even certain when my teaching space would be functional.  But low and behold, one Friday morning four days ago, it suddenly was.

This four-day workshop will cover some oil painting basics--materials, colour mixing, step-by-step process for approaching a still life, plus some handy exercises that will expose the beginner to the concept of paint quality and edge quality.  You don't have to be an absolute newb to fit in.  If you've been painting casually with oils but would like to firm up your foundation and fill in some gaps, or if you've been using acrylics but want to switch, this workshop would be a good fit.  The good news is that I can keep my class size small (3-6) since I'm not paying a hosting fee to someone, and small class size means that I have more time for each individual student to meet their needs on a one-on-one basis.

Fee is $450 +GST, including materials and it runs from 9-4pm with an hour break for lunch.  Come, grasshopper.  I will teach you.