Sunday, August 3, 2014

Workshop in Virginia

Did you know that West Virginia was the only state in the Union to secede from a Confederate state during the American Civil War? I have no idea what that means, but I'm doing a workshop there next year and that's something that Wikipedia has to say about the place.  And then after reading all about West Virginia, I realized my workshop is actually in Virginia.

My still life workshop will be hosted from May 15-19 by Debra Kierce in Ashburn, Virginia, which I understand is a hop, skip and a jump from DC and my favourite suburb of them all, Reston of the cardboard cut out facades and clockwork dog walkers.  If you are interested in attending, I'm sorry not sorry sorry to say that the workshop is already full, but hey, you should definitely get in touch with Debra to give her your name for a future workshop with me.  Her email address is and her number is 571-236-0047.

If you want to read about my last workshop on Whidbey Island, go here.  When I teach still life, there is a huge slide show element with close ups of work.  I also like to focus on creative problem solving and textural tricks.  I like to encourage students to do things efficiently and effectively, and to use a BC experssion, GIVER.

Oh and haaaay guyz, here's a picture of a recent still life in progress.  I can't wait to share the WIP.

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  1. Funny story from an aging artist here... When Kate asked me to provide for her slide show, I was thinking of the old 35mm slides that are in a wheel and displayed by a projector with a light that shines through them onto a screen. I couldn't figure out where to rent one from. You are probably in stitches, but hey - I'm 52 yrs. old. This is what we did in the last century. When I realized by "slideshow" she means a Powerpoint presentation, I researched HDMI cables and computer compatible HD TV's. Yep - Had to throw away the cathode ray one. :)