Wednesday, July 23, 2014

High Key Maddie Study, 8x6", Auction--SOLD

Posted by: Kate

Hey all, here is a little oil sketch of one of my recurring models, Maddie.  You might remember her from "Glad the Birds Are Gone Away."  This sketch was my first experimentation with Natural Pigments' Lead Oil Ground.  People, there is no zinc in it.  Say what?  I know.  I also think the absorption level is just about right so that it's not hard to create either thin washy areas or to build up paint more thickly (although, having started off as a double primed Claessens girl, I will always nurture an unrequited love for a slick surface over an absorbent one.  Brushstrokes from here to next Thursday, if you know what I mean).  Its surface is similar to that of Golden acrylic ground when dry (although silkier and more sensitive, like my upper lip after waxing).  If only it were a teensy bit more slick, I wouldn't even care about the longer drying time and it would steal me away forthwith from my loveless marriage of convenience with Golden acrylic ground.  At the moment I don't have permanent space where I can set up panels to dry, so I've only made a couple of these panels.  Boo.  But as soon as I have my permanent studio up and running (and I'm not in and out of my parent's basement and my garage) I will make some more oil ground panels and talk about it on the blog.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not the clown from "IT"

Posted by: Dave

Well, The Uncanny exhibition is around the corner so it's time to put my nose to the grindstone and start hammering out the final works for the show.  Not sure what it is about them, but painted faces just seem to be a cool subject matter.  It's like I'm clownophilic or something.  No surprise here that I using Tara Juneau again for a painting.  She is like the Gary Oldman of models, she can play any role.  Navajo princess? no prob. Spanish contessa? got it.   Woman who teams up with a cybernetic organism to stop the assassination of her son and future leader of the human resistance?  Yup, covered.  In this painting, Tara is some sort of Victorian, Rococo, comedia dell'arte mash up, and she's nailing it.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking: Dave, why does a manly man like yourself spend so much time playing with frilly dress up clothes?  Because shut-up, that's why.   This painting is going extremely quickly and already I am a couple days away from a finish.

 Day 2  Everything blocked in

Day 3/4 Working on fabric, trying to finish as I go. Lots of Venetian medium.

Some second painting on the face.

I'll post some more pics when I am closer to a finish.

I usually don't share my tattoo work on here, but I had to in order to compensate for the wussiness of my subject matter above.  How do I know this tattoo is awesome?  Because some dunderhead on facebook asked me to take it down because it was gross and offensive.  I'm awesome.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Icarus VI" Auction--SOLD

Posted by: Kate

This little sweetheart is a juvenile robin.  As juvenile robins mature the speckling on their breast vanishes and the red becomes more intense.  This time of year is always kind of sad because there seem to be more dead nestlings and juveniles around than grown ups.  But that's natural selection, baby.  It calls to mind the "blind watchmaker," whom I represented by the little hands at work without the help of eyes.

The eBay listing is here.