Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sign up for Underpaintings

Posted by: Dave

As some of you are aware, Underpaintings has recently moved to a subscription based service.  You can read about the reasons why here, but what I want to talk about is just how important this blog has been to the recently revived realist art movement.  Ten years ago I remember how difficult it was to find images on traditional painting and drawing, let alone finding educational resources and information on galleries that exhibited this type of work.  All I knew for resources was the ARC (which was great but still in it's infancy), American Artist Magazine, Joseph Shepperd's instructional books, and that there existed 3 schools in Florence that offered unaffordable but amazing traditional training.  (I remember having a brochure from the Florence Academy pinned to my wall.  I kept thinking "some day I'll get there" and I would get all energetic and excited like Lennie did when he found out he would get to tend the rabbits at the farm in "Of Mice and Men."  But like George, I never got there...but unlike George, it wasn't because I was shot in the head as a result of petting a girl to death).  Anyway, Underpaintings fills in the gaps for a lot of people's needs.  Matthew Innis started his blog several years ago and it elevated the amount of information that was readily available to students and artists.  Most importantly, he is an excellent writer and an impressive researcher. I would have no idea where to start coming up with the quality of information he provides, which is why our blog focuses on 80's movie references, chainsaws, and using ultra hip swearing like "shit just got real."  Signing up for a subscription not only gives you access to a world of information, but it also is supporting a great cause run by a great man with a ton of not so great cats.  So, don't be a jerkface and subscribe now.

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