Monday, May 5, 2014

PSoA 2014

Posted by: Dave

We had so much fun again this year at the PSoA we thought we would rub it in for those who couldn't make it.  The coordinators of this event truly know how to put on an amazing show.  They had top artists, great vendors, seminars, haunted pony rides, all-you-can-eat ice cream buffets, and even an opium den for the down times.  This was the first year we were asked to be presenters on a discussion panel, so we feel like we're moving up in the art world.  In addition,  I also received a certificate of excellence for "Red Sky."  One day, not long from now, all you readers can say "I read Dave's blog before he was a rich and famous thousandaire."  All photos are courtesy of images ripped off from Facebook.

Jeff Hein and me feeling dumb about paints while listening to George O'Hanlon wax poetic about obscure paint chemistry.

Quang "the man with a plan" Ho.

Some works we had on display demonstrating our use of Rublev paints. 

Kate and me presenting stuff about.....blogging.

Also on the panel were Chris Saper and Judy Takacs Pendergast.

But now I have to take a tangent off into left field and talk about the town of Reston, which is where the conference was held.  It was one of the oddest places I have ever been.  If aliens wanted to create a human habitat in their zoo, it would look like Reston.  Every single tree trunk had the same diameter.  Every hedge and shrub was perfectly pruned.  All the buildings and sidewalks and roads looked immaculate and new.  There was one of every type of restaurant, and the broad sampling of stores had no customers in them except for us.  Kate and I debated long and hard whether anyone really lived in Reston, or whether the buildings were actually just cardboard cutouts.  At one point we said out loud, "If people actually lived here, you'd see people walking their dogs."  Five seconds later, six people walking purebred dogs sauntered by, just as if somebody on a walky-talky had given the signal.

Reston.  Perhaps....too perfect?


  1. Alas David and Kate--I am afraid to say you did not actually see Reston while you were here. The conference was held at the Town Center which is basically a really large and pretty out door mall. The Town of Reston itself is more like any other suburb with the exception that the town planners went out of their way to not destroy a lot of trees in the process. The result is a town filled with wooded bike trails and tree lined streets (of varying sizes & ages ;). Next time you are in the hood, I promise to take you for a real tour.

    Great seeing you all again!


  2. I ACTUALLY live in Reston and was so happy to be able to go to the Conference this year also. I wish I had been able to go to your breakout session but chose one of the other three that early morning. I have a lot to learn about blogging!

  3. It was a superb experience being in the grand ball room and scanning around and seeing the likes of yourself, Max Gingsburg, Daniel Green, Robert Liberace, QUan Ho, Jeff Hines, Michael Shane Neal, Susan Lyon, Sharon Sprung and the list goes on and on. I wish this thing lasted for two weeks so I got a chance to speak with everyone! The town was quaint but different. Definitely a new town because I went walking looking for the CVS a couple of blocks away and all new stores. Wish next time it would be closer to DC.