Thursday, May 22, 2014

Huntsman and Herdsman Giclee Prints

Posted by: Kate

Usually my figurative paintings are too large to bother with making prints, but my painting of Paul is just right, and besides, I really want to give a print to the parents and grandparents.  If you are interested in owning a print for $65 plus shipping, you have until June 15 to place an order, after which time the prints will be made and mailed out.  All prints will be signed and numbered.  The print itself is a true to size 11x17" paper giclee print, and I am wildly impressed with the colour matching.  I marched into the shop to view the colour proof with my "hard ass" face already in place so that I could give the technician what for, but the matching was divine.

Please shoot me an email at if interested and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

To read what I had to say about this painting when I first finished it, click here.

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