Monday, April 28, 2014

PSoA 6 x 9 piece "limited size, unlimited awesomeness"

Posted by: Dave

Here was my 6 x 9 for the Portrait Society of America.  I taped this story to the back of the piece. I would also like to thank Matt Innis and others for keeping animals classy.

The Story of the Baron Von Featherbottom

Born to a family of wealthy British fowl, the noble Baron was a Magpie who had a bit of a taste for Mother’s Ruin; fine gin that is. He was a gambling bird as well who would often fraternize with the other Magpies at the public house, sometimes bringing them shiny objects in an attempt to impress. Meanwhile, his rather beautiful wife, the Baroness Featherbottom, was home alone with her clutch of eggs. Very often he would fly home drunk, with the smell of other bird’s pheromones fresh on his beak. One day, she had had enough, and moved back to her country farm with the young chicks. The Baron continued on his path of drinking and gambling until his inheritance was all but squandered. Here I present you with a portrait of the Baron, just a “shell” of a bird at this point. But we do not cry for him, as his soul already lay dead…at the bottom of a bottle.


  1. I love ya'lls sense of humor! It is one of the things that make this site so wonderful. Great painting and story to go along with it!. I love it! Keep up the great work. I really enjoy both yours and Kate's work and this blog is what I love waking up to and seeing a new post to read with my coffee. I'm running a little slow today though and need t get into the studio. Keep it up, folks!

  2. Is this for sale?? I WANT it (don't know if I can afford it but I want it).

    1. The PSoA asks about a hundred artists to donate a 6 x 9 piece to an auction to raise money for the organization. Each piece is presented anonymously for 250 and when a person purchases the work they get to see who did it. This was the work I donated. Lots of great work up though every year. Finally nabbed myself a Stanka Kordic this year.