Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pearly Whites II

Posted by: Kate

I put my white swatches in a bright, south-facing window for the past week.  Here's a before and after:

Real world application: back when I used to do portrait commissions, I would sometimes tell people that if their painting started to look a bit dark or dingy, to put it in the window for a few days to brighten it up again.  I did hear back from some of my clients that they felt it made a noticeable difference to do this from time to time.


  1. I've heard you only have to do this light bleaching once and the yellowing of the oil in the paint film won't happen again...not sure if that's true; especially for thick paint. I'm happy you followed up, as the change is so significant. I wonder if museums have a safe way of achieving this effect with their paintings.

  2. Hey guys, I like your blog a lot and, even more, your artwork.

    I see that you have been doing some experimentswith paint brands. According to your experience, is there a brand which you specially like, one you would recommend?

    All the best!

    Marcelo - Brazil

    1. Thanks Marcelo. We are both pretty hooked on Rublev Lead White #2 by Natural Pigments. Great handling and very little yellowing.

    2. A caveat to Dave's comment: we haven't tested the yellowing of Lead White #2, although it does use walnut oil as the vehicle, which yellows minimally.