Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I done did some art.

Posted by: Dave

Pull up a chair and get ready for a visual feast.  First on the platter, "Girl with a Boomstick."   I am trying to accomplish three things in this piece.  First, to paint a narrative work with 2 figures who are interacting.  Second, to paint a narrative work with 2 figures interacting successfully.  Third, to do a contemporary painting of a woman that doesn't involve wussy activities like chopping veggies or reading a book in bed.  You may recognize the model in the foreground from Kate's piece "Shadow of my Hand."  (It was nice to discover the model actually did indeed learn to shoot one week prior to me starting the piece.  Art imitates life I suppose.)  The other model I found here (not really).  Like previous works, it's all about the planning.  Below is the first stage of the process; the drawing.  Overall, I am already happy with the direction it is headed. I just need to do a sketch of the hand he is using to point (as I ran out of room on this piece of paper.) I am channeling a lot of Raeburn in this piece if you haven't figured it out; large tonal groupings and atmosphere.  The female is in all lighter tones and the male in darker tones.  Color studies come next.

I have also completed another painting of Brian, the same model as the Trapper.  I just can't let that face go to waste.  "The Beggar King" has a similar theme in many ways as the Trapper.  Themes of  survival, self, aging, and other artsy fartsy stuff.   Below if a craptacular picture of the completed painting.

 Third on the agenda.  Did this drawing.  No idea why, but it looks pretty cool.  Might end up being another fisherman painting looking up at the sky.

Lastly, a sneak peak of a painting I am working of for the Uncanny exhibit.

Side note.  I got my first smart phone which means I now have instagram. Holy crap, it is the most amazing thing ever.  So much better than a blog because I can just post a picture with no explanation or witty comments. So, go follow me if you want for even more Gluck per minute (or GPM) of your life.


  1. "The Beggar King" painting instantly brought "The King of the Elves" short story by Philip K. Dick to mind. Great face, so full of character.

  2. I can't get over your work, it's really amazing. It seems (to me) like it's increasingly difficult to find artists today who still show a fondness for a more classical style. Do you use all your own models/references for your work, or do you use images off the interwebs quite a bit? For instance, the fisherman drawing--was that your own model?


    1. I use only my own references. The model for the fisherman is an ex students husband, the girl in the hunting piece now is Kate's niece, and the male model is a tattoo client I have. Thanks for the compliments though.

  3. I can find enough reasons to play on the Internet to keep the "Why aren't You Painting Police" busy without you giving me the idea of Instagram to tease me. STOP IT

  4. If you are channelling Raeburn; don't forget to ask him how he manages to make a solid figure with about 2 values that will knock your eyes out from across the gallery.

  5. Dig the Beggar King and the fisherman. Rugged old man portraits are awesome.