Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Uncanny...coming to a gallery near you

Posted by: Kate

Dave and I are thrilled to announce that come October, we will be putting up a three man show with Teresa Oaxaca at S. R. Brennen Gallery in Santa Fe.  We've been holding our cards pretty close to our chests so far, partly because if you're going to start bragging about a show you should probably have some paintings to show for it.

Ta-da!  The first three paintings of the year have been drawn up.
We can't say enough about how excited we are to be collaborating with Teresa.  In the way that is possible in this new age of social media, we've been aware of each other for years without ever having met.  I now look forward to seeing how collaborating with another artist in a show will affect my own work.  For years Dave and I have painted side by side, jowl to jowl, getting all up in each others space in the process, and our work has kind of turned into two symbiotic life forms, like the oak tree and the ivy, or the algae and the fungi, or like a dog and his tapeworm.  It's been kind of wonderful to be able to feed off another person's energy and to view your own work through their filter and so on.  Just by hanging your work next to someone else's you will discover all sort of things about yourself as an artist.  And now I really look forward to putting my work up next to another talented artist with her own unique and powerful vision, and seeing what sort of impact it has on my work.

Teresa's studio
We've thrown up a website for the show where you will be able to read more about what we have planned and see photos of our work as it is completed.  Right now it's pretty sparse, but keep checking back to watch it grow.  Also, if you are fascinated by the creative process and would like to spy on us preparing for the show, follow us on Instagram or the Book of Face to see more pictures like the ones posted here.  We promise you lots of photos of works in progress and thought provoking studio shots of taxidermied birds wearing top hats and realistic baby dolls at perpetual tea parties.

Colour study for Dave's current portrait project.


  1. Exciting stuff! (am planning my own show at the mo, and only have the gallery owner to bounce off. She's lovely, but not quite the same . . . )

  2. Congrats, Kate! Sounds like it will be a spectacular show - the drawings look gorgeous!

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing all three of you exhibit together and getting to see the paintings
    in person! Too bad October is such a long time away.

  4. Congrats to you and Dave and Teresa! Looking forward to seeing all the works that come out of this teaming up!! :)