Thursday, January 16, 2014


Posted by: Dave

This update is a bit of a mish mash of pieces, so bear with me here.  I got a finished pic of "Red Sky", aka "The Fisherman" for your viewing pleasure, as well as the burdies all finished up.  I also started another piece of Brian, who you might remember from "The Trapper."  

Unfortunately, my documentation skills for work have been sub par as of recent, so my step by steps are  rather lackluster.  I just hate taking my gloves off, grabbing the camera all the way up in my wife's studio, and then bumbling around like Koko the gorilla trying to figure out the settings that get changed every time.  At least when Koko performed a task, he got an M & M. whereas I get nothing.  So, any stages that aren't shown were done by wizards.

Anyway, the Underpaintings auction raised a good chunk of money, so Matthew Innis can finally afford to get adorable costumes for his herd of feral cats. Personally I think he should just dedicate his blog to pictures of cats, since people love pictures of cats more than pictures of artwork, especially in costumes.

 Burding away.




Study for future Shablamo.

As a test, I am including this photo to see if we get more blog traffic as a result.


  1. Came for the art, stayed for the costumed cat.

  2. ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO VIEW YOUR WORK AND READ YOUR BLOG. as you can see i had my caps locked.

  3. always knew Cap'n Jack sparra was a pussy!

  4. Not only are you a great artist but you have a brilliant sense of humour and that cat just cracked me up :-)