Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's the word? Big Bird.

Posted by: Dave

First off, why did they replace Brian Griffin with some crappy side character on Family Guy?  I was waiting the entire episode for Stewie to rebuild the time machine to go back and set things right.  As I watched the minutes go by, I realized this simply wasn't going to happen.  Brian is dead.  Isn't there enough death in the world where we don't need to be killing off lovable TV characters?  This is more important than art by the way, which is why I am discussing it first.

Anyway, the magpies are well under way at this point and it has been nice to do a painting that is a combination of still life, landscape, and animals as opposed to just "crap on a table."  I am sure people have pretty much figured out that the two magpies represent Kate and I.  One is presenting the other with a gift of something shiny, and as well all know, chicks like shiny things.  I guess it's appropriate as Kate and I just had our 6th anniversary of being under contract.   That's right everyone, I have legally owned half of Kate's stuff for six years.   The only catch to that is, she owns half of my vintage Star Wars figure collection (yes, I have over 40 figures I collected as a kid that are still mint in the box).  I know we will always be together if it's only to keep the collection whole.

In addition, I have really enjoyed setting up a little ecosystem for my new little friends.  Eventually, I will have to create a landscape background.    You can see some of the stages below, but the painting still has a ways to go.

And I know people are going to ask where I got the birds, well, welcome the wide world of Craigslist.  Whether it's a taxidermy bird or a casual encounter, Craigslist has something for everyone.