Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Posted by: Dave

I have been lazy on my end of the blog, but my little snuggly cuddlecakes has been picking up the slack on updates.  I have been working seven days a week painting and tattooing, so I have had very little down time.  Today I am taking a personal day to write this so you all know I haven't forgot about my adoring fans.

I am pretty close to a finish on the painting of Tara and I am pretty happy with the results.  I tried a new linen for this one which worked out pretty well from New York Central Art Supply.  The other new product I finally got around to trying was the Venetian Medium, which is made with leaded glass, from Natural Pigments.  Like running out of coffee cream and that weird rash we all get, "sinking in" is my number one first world problem.  To create the atmospheric textural effects I usually get in my backgrounds, I use quite a bit of OMS to move the paint and keep it transparent.  The problem with this is that it creates a weak bond to the underlying paint layer and goes very matte when it dries.  Adding some Venetian medium really helped both problems.  Because it is made with leaded glass, it is transparent, but doesn't have to be quite as thin an application to look transparent.

The other painting I FINALLY got back into was the fisherman.  It became a dishes in the sink scenario for me.  I kept getting asked about it so much I finally just had to suck it up and stop avoiding it.  Basically, the painting was simply scary for me as I had never done anything like it before, and like a blind man at an orgy, I knew I was going to have to feel things out (awesome Naked Gun reference).  The good news was that when you do a ton of prep work it does go much much faster.   Below are some of the studies leading up to the piece and the work in progress

 Drawing study

Color study closeup

Work in progress.  Sorry about my photography skills on this one.  It is pretty much the opposite than a dating site profile picture, the image is way better in real life I swear.

DOTD close up
DOTD in all it's sunken in glory

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