Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Die fishy.

Posted by: Dave

So the painting of the fisherman is coming along...slowly.  I spend about an equal amount of time wiping the paint off as I do putting it up.  I am simply looking forward to finishing it at this point and moving on to my supremely awesome painting of Magpies I am going to do.

This brings me to a story which I will try not to present as Buzz Killington.  I got an email recently from someone who was asking what to do when they feel uninspired and have a distaste for their own work.  My response was, yeah, welcome to the club.  I try to be fairly honest with people on the blog (unless it's about how much I can bench press, then I lie...and say less so you all don't feel like sissies) so I want to be clear that almost every painting I do is similar to most people's relationships.  At first, I am all excited as it's the "getting to know you stage"  in the painting.  I fantasize about all the possibilities me and the painting might have.  Is this the one? Will I love this painting above all my other paintings of the past? During this stage I am doing preliminary drawings and studies.  Eventually it's time for a commitment and I get started on the painting and we are official boyfriend girlfriend.  Everything is great for awhile.  We have fun together, joke about how we should have gone bigger with the dimensions, etc.  Then, we start fighting.  It eventually escalates to me telling the painting what a jerk it is and how it doesn't understand my feelings.  Kate has to comfort me and tell me there are more paintings out there and maybe this just isn't the one.  I still sob and reflect on all the good times we had and how I don't want it to be over.  Eventually the painting takes me back and gets finished and we live happily ever after and I forget about how crappy the painting treated me.  Well, that was an awesome metaphor so you all better damn well appreciate it. 

I guess I should talk about technique or something now.  I find it helpful to wash my, use medium, it's awesome.

First painting the face.  Still aways to go on the painting, but soon....soon.

Working on my next setup.  Super high quality taxidermy Magpies you ask?  Damn right.


  1. David, awesome work on the fisherman... but seriously, on the magpie's...lookin' forward to seeing that!!!! Very cool.

  2. David, I love the painting, but also love your analogy! I have always known I was not the best at relationships of this kind, yet I keep doing it over and over, even though everyone of them winds up in a battle before ever becoming resolved where we like each other again.

    I really like ya'lls work.

  3. Love this. You are hilarious... and an excellent painter, too. :-)

  4. Yup, you summed it up beautifully with this analogy. And I appreciated how you opened up and showed us your sensitive side too…the sobbing to Kate part really touched me. ;0) As always fun to read!

  5. I liked the metaphor too. Magpies? I thought you two raised chickens.