Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Posted by: Dave

A lot of my readers have probably noticed that Kate and I like to plug some small businesses on our blog.  Why? Well, we are a small business and we like to get behind other small businesses who do right by their customers.  Recently, a new art store opened in Toronto in the exact same neighborhood in which I used to live.  Of course, this would only have happened AFTER I left because otherwise it wouldn't be ironic.  They recently tracked down my old favorite linen, L219 which I could no longer find.  It became my unicorn; my unattainable mythological beast.  I would hear whispers of its existence somewhere, then poof, it would vanish and only the rumors and tall tales would remain.  I would hear things like "I dun see a roll that was over 6 yards in length over yonder hills!" or "the rolls only come out at night to feed on farmers sheep and vanish by morning."  Well, ARTiculations found it for me, because they are awesome. 

So, why else is this store so awesome?  First off, because there aren't a lot of stores in Canada that carry nice professional grade art supplies.  Most products like oil paints and brushes you find at the chain stores here are made with recycled human hair from orphan children, truck tires, and even old newspapers.  This isn't really true, but it makes my point more interesting.  ARTiculations carries a variety of products that Kate and I actually use, like Natural Pigments paints, the L series of Linen which uses Lead priming, and high grade brushes. They will even be making those sexy panels we paint on soon enough so if you are lazy like me, you will have a source in Canada to order them from.  So, stop reading this and go buy some stuff.

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