Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's Happening

Posted by: Dave

It's been awhile since I updated and I have a very good reason.   I didn't feel like it.

Anyway, we just got back from a very fun but very exhausting road trip down to San Francisco.  About two minutes into the drive, we realized that the car we were borrowing had a broken air conditioner, and we found out the hard way that northern California gets hot....really hot.  We had to stop off at Wal-mart to buy a giant bag of ice, and took turns cradling it like a small ice baby to keep cool.  When I was about to drive the car into oncoming traffic to end the pain, I started seeing signs for San Fran so we held off on suicide.  When we finally got there, we stayed with Sadie and Nowell Valeri, of Sadie Valeri Atelier, where both Justin Hess and Felicia Forte also teach.  For those who have not been to the school, it wins Best Dressed award because it's hands down the nicest looking atelier inside.  We also got some touring of San Francisco and I got to see my first hippie drum circle.  It was like a band but with no audience or rhythm. 

Us artists hanging out (Alicia Ponzio, Justin Hess, Kate Stone, mwah, Nowell Valeri)  Wait a minute, somethings wrong...

That's better.  Now we look like cool Cally artists with our fedoras.

On the way back, we stayed with our friends George and Tania from Natural Pigments.  We got to visit the factory and see what new colors are being made.  One nice surprise is they are now carrying more than just Lazurite blue.  We got some Ultramarine, Prussian, and Maya blue.  For those who were kvetching about a higher chroma blue from NP, well, their Prussian will blow your retinas out with it's brilliance.  I also got some black oil, which is a leaded linseed oil, and you know what they say about black oil, "Once you go black, you never revert back to a non leaded oil in your darker notes..."  Kate also picked up some dispersions, but I will let her talk about those. 

As far as my artwork, I have finished up the still life but decided to throw a landscape in behind it.  I am just not a big fan of big empty spaces, and this adds a nice mood and dimension to the piece. 

 I also just finished a drawing of Tara that is going to be a half length painted portrait.  Also, you can see the beginnings of the painting.  I have some other stuff on the go as well, but that would require more work to post it.  I would rather just stare at my roomba and make R2-D2 noises and feed it nachos as it vacuums.

Oil transfer complete 

 Start of ébauche


  1. Are you still using the blackened bones from recent kills for your drawing, or have you switched to something more mundane, like Nitram?

    1. Of course, and when I run out of Vermillion red, well, you know, there's the blood of my enemies. It's just sad because I am mainly enemies with kittens..soooo, might want to leave those behind when you come up here.

  2. I will begin harvesting vermilion for you know, and send you the "harvest' shortly. Who am I to deny the world your art?

  3. That is very interesting! I have never seen this kind of painting in Kamloops. How did you learn about this? I would like to hear from the original.