Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Icarus II--SOLD

Posted by: Kate

I have a not-quite-alla-prima for sale.  Dead birds are a hard sell with collectors, but I know you emo artists love this stuff.

Icarus II
Oil on linen on panel

 Please get in touch by leaving a comment if you are interested.


  1. It is beautiful Kate. And don't you hate it when they smash themselves against the windows!

  2. Hello!

    I'm too late. My loss.

    Not sure how I made it to 43 without buying any original paintings. I'll have to stay tuned for more opportunities. I'm so grateful I found your blog, you crack me up and I really admire your work.

    When I went to Parson's in the 80's I was told that realism was dead - I'm just waking up to all the amazing contemporary realism happening now! Just a few days before i found your work, I had decided to look into painting with live models again and found Sadie Valeri's drop in sessions - and tried and failed to go to them since she was on vacation for August ( and apparently entertaining you and David in fedoras). But

    Not only am I finding out about so many fantastic painters but also what seems to be a vital community as well.

    Sept 6th at Sadie's atelier will be my first time painting a live model in almost 10 years.

    I hope I can pull something off -- whatever it is -- it'll be a start anyway.