Saturday, June 8, 2013

Workshop Fun

Posted by: Dave

Kate and I just returned from Langley, where I was giving a workshop at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio on still life painting.  It had been awhile since I taught a workshop, so I had to remember my use of the "compliment sandwich" and some of my favorite teaching catchphrases like "don't screw this up or so help me god."

 Everyone staring at me in awe....or boredom, not sure. 

 Me showing students what it would look like if a skull was eating out of my hand.  


Always good to have two demos on the go, that way you can pull the old "baking show trick."  Start one earlier that day that is ready to pull out and jump to instead of waiting for the other one to bake.

 My demo finished.

 Getting started.

 Plugging away.

For some reason, the grounds where the workshop was held was infested with bunnies.  It was an adorable infestation.  I made it a very serious point that I wanted to "pet the rabbits, George," and whichever student brought me a bunny would be rewarded with a tube of Oleogel.  I was not disappointed as you can tell from my expression (it's the same expression that feral child had in Mad Max when Mel Gibson gave him a music box)

 Eric representing Prince George 

 Yiota kicking some ass.  

 Tracey "Mcspeedy's" still life at the end of the 5 days.  

Someone called into question my knowledge of the ancient painting technqiues of Bob Ross.  They were schooled accordingly during the last 20 minutes of the workshop in this demo (2 minutes less even than the actual Bob Ross)

Gluck Ross demo finished....bam.

For anyone looking for more information on workshops, this is a place I would highly recommend.  I have to say, the facilities were absolutely incredible.   In addition, every day we were supplied with fresh coffee, home-baked goods, cookies, salsa, etc.  Basically I got to teach and eat my face off.  I even got my own assistant/henchman.  Cary (the director)  knows how to do things right.


  1. I can't wait for your "The Essentials of Bob Ross" workshop!

  2. Why do you wear a glove when you paint? Or is that your bionic arm? Very impressive Bob Ross painting.

    1. Ha, yes, my bionic arm is immune to heavy metals, but my weak human flesh isn't, hence the gloves. I paint with a lot of toxic paints such as lead white (contains lead) and vermillion (contains Mercury). Gloves are just a good idea in general.

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  4. Since I was asleep at the wheel, I somehow never saw info about this workshop. Will you do another one this century? Would love to learn from you....

    1. Not to worry. We are running another workshop in Vancouver at some point (possibly November) and we will definitely be returning to Whidbey next year.