Saturday, May 18, 2013

Something Nasty IV

Second pass at the face.  Raced to get this done yesterday because my model came over with her family to take a look at the progress.

My flesh tones were an evolving experiment.  I waffled back and forth all day inverting my warms and cools until they felt right.  Her neck got a little thick, and I may have done an Egyptian eye--you know, where an eye in profile starts to become too wide and starts to look like you're seeing it more straight on than you should.  This can all be fixed later.

Here is the face under different lighting.  Isn't it weird how dramatically the form can change under different lighting?


  1. I don't even think I would attemt an eye that was turned so far away from the viewer... one stands the risk of losing the expression all together... you are doing so well.

  2. Just love how you've painted her neck and especially her ear.