Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something Nasty II

Posted by: Kate

As of last night:

I'm not crazy about this photo.  I think I've got some camera issues to work out.  In real life the green is greener and the contrast is lower.

I used Nicosia Green Earth for the green.  I picked up the tube several years ago at the PSoA and tried to use it, but I'll be honest: I hated it.  It was a pretty colour, but the texture was bizarre compared to the paints I was used to.  I finally donned my big girl panties, though, and worked hard to befriend this ornery colour.  And today, it did exactly what I wanted it to.  I like that challenge of figuring out how to use a colour right.  I also used Nicosia to counter the chroma in the hair and skin.  I burned through half a tube of it painting the background and doing the preparatory studies necessary to figure out exactly how to get the texture right.

Here are the tools I ended up using to tease out that wood grain:

A nubby little spatula thingy that I was tempted to throw out many times over the years because I couldn't figure out what it was good for, and a ratty messed up brush from the hardware store.  The brush created an effortless scratchy impasto, and the spatula was used occasionally to scrape the paint off when it got too dense.  Works better than a knife.

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