Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I like to draw drawlings

Posted by: Dave

So Kate and I have been back to drawings for a bit.  They are always useful studies for a painting, but sometimes they are just fun to do because you don't have to wash brushes afterwards like with painting.  Dammit, I hate washing brushes at the end the day.  The only reason I even want children in life is to have a cheap source of brush washing labor.  Anyway, before I get on too many tangents, we have been experimenting a lot with the "effects" of charcoal and white chalk.  Just like with painting, you can utilize the medium to create textures rather than rendering everything verbatim like a sucker.  Kate has been using a lot of hatching and I have been experimenting a lot with the kneadable eraser to create marks.  

 Awesomeness study by David

Dory study by Kate  

The potting shed study by Kate

Speaking of tangents, I would like to talk about how much I hate our rooster.  There is a good reason these guys are called "cocks."  He is basically like a drunken frat boy at a bar who wants to start a fight with me every time I get within 5 feet of his ladies.  I have tried to explain to him time and time again that the hens and I are just "friends" and that's it.  After he charges me, I have to whack him with a stick so he knows who is boss and backs off.  He is also mean as heck to the hens and rips out their feathers as he does the funky chicken with them.  As a result, Kate has had to make defensive capes for the hens.  Yes, this is our life. 

 Kate's chicken chastity capes

Just look at that red eyed little bastard


  1. this is good stuff and as always you are severely entertaining.

  2. I love the capes. My neighbor has tried for many years to keep chickens, but she doesn't want the whole Rooster thing going on....and her flock has been decimated time after time. In fact, she is now chicken-less. The wildlife (foxes, raccoons, hawks etc.) are just too much in our neighborhood for an unroostered chicken harem!

  3. Why do the chickens even need a rooster around? They can lay eggs on their own, right? Then they wouldn't have to wear the chastitiy burkas…as pretty as they are. Or am I hopelessly suburban and don't understand a thing about farming?

    The rooster would make a great still life, and then a great dinner.

    Drawings are amazing as always.

  4. What an entertaining post! Love the line drawings, but had to laugh at the capes and red-eyed bastard!

  5. FYI I have two kids, now age 12 and 17 and neither has ever washed a single brush - you have been warned :)

  6. I just found your blog through Whidbey Island FAS's post, and can't wait to peruse it more! I happened upon your Tattoo related posts, and had to laugh, because my husband is going through the same thing right now. At 43, he's decided that the best way to make art and still make money, is to start tattooing. He was fortunate enough to find a tattoo artist who took him on as an apprentice; they both have the same interest in making art for people's skin. I can't wait to show them that they're not alone!