Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Master Painter of the World," you say?

Posted by: Kate

I received an uplifting package in the mail the other day: a box full of the April/May issue of International Artist, in which I have a page.  It couldn't have come at a better time, either.  My soul is being slowly, steadily crushed by my current painting project.  Not only is it enormous, and full of parallel lines and dastardly not-quite symmetry, but it's about as easy to photograph as Bigfoot so I have been unable to exorcize this demon by posting about it here on the blog.

I would have settled for "Pretty Good Painter you Probably Haven't Heard of," but "Master Painter of the World" is perfectly acceptable too.  I feel like I need a heavy belt with a gold medallion the size of a plate set into it.


  1. If the world hasn't heard of you yet, they have now!

  2. Wherever did you find a picture of a victorious barbarian carrying a mahl that the carcass of a still life setup he is standing on and a crushed easel? How do you find these images?!

    I was just reading this magazine yesterday and was really pleased to see you in there Kate. Congratulations!