Friday, February 1, 2013

The Body

Posted by: Kate



Ermagerd, paint terxture!

Gold leaf?  Oh snap!

It's called "The Body."  Because of, like, metaphysical stuff.  I'm getting into some cool symbolism, but this won't make any sense till I do more paintings along this theme.  But then you'll see more of my paintings later and you'll be all like, wow, that is so symbolic.

You know what's more interesting than painting?  My dog pulled all the ass feathers out of two of my chickens.  One of them was kind of torn up back there, so instead of letting her contract a virulent case of gangrene in her slum chicken coop, we kept her in our bathroom while she healed.  For a week we slathered her bum with polysporin, brought her choice nibbles on a platter, and cleaned up her poop for her.  I put her in the bathtub thinking that would be a nice safe place to quarantine her, but chickens fly.  Derp!  She got out and spent the week perched on the sink, looking at herself in the mirror and deploring her hideousness.

Isn't she ugly?

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