Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New stuff

Posted by: Dave

I thought I would keep everyone updated with what's going on in my studio, aka living room.  I completed the meat still life and have started another Vanitas for an invitational at Principle Gallery.  I'll post some pics of it once it looks like something. Kate will also be participating with a much cooler still life than mine.

I am pretty burnt on still lifes so I wanted to focus on some figurative work for awhile.  I had to take a couple steps back on the fisherman piece as I decided that having a second figure really didn't add anything.  So after some swearing followed by crying followed by more swearing I went back to do more color studies.  I probably cried again somewhere in there.

I also decided to do some paintings of my friend Tara Juneau dressed up as a "La Dia la Muerta" woman. Based on my extensive knowledge of Mexican culture that I learned in Spanish 1 in middle school, I thought I could represent the genre well.  It's not like I am the first, so don't get too excited.  Artists like Carl Dobsky and Frank Gardner have been doing it for years. The top one is finished (ish) and the second one has about 3 hours in it. 

 Day of the Dead all done

First lay in of paint on the second one

Color study completed for the fisherman

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