Friday, February 22, 2013

New (er) Stuff

Posted by: Dave

I am still getting some work ready for the Principle Gallery still life show and wanted to delve into some more figurative work. I am going to be working with Principle in the future as well, which is pretty exciting.

The portrait below went pretty fast I must say; this is maybe 2 and a half days worth of work or so.  Not having to paint flesh tones makes things go way faster, which is why I am going to be hiring albino models from now on.   Who knows, maybe I will even become a creepy clown painter.  The subject is my friend and fellow artist Tara Juneau who never grew out of playing dress up, so it was an easy sell to get her to pose for this.  Again it is another Day of the Dead themed work.  It still has some more work to go, but it's getting towards completion. 

Below that is a "Vanitas" still life I started...neat.  It took about 10 days or so.  I don't know what my obsession with the Vanitas theme is, but I think I need to stop listening to "The Cure" while planning my works.

Before you comment, that carpet is "salmon" not "pink"

Initial lay in of darks after transfer

ébauche (pure paint thinned with spirits)

Start of first painting

 second painting

done on a bun


  1. Thanks. Always great to see the process. You have a very discriminating eye for choosing subjects and composition.