Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 Female artists who paint with balls (Part 1)

Arantzazu Martinez
 Camie Davis
Candice Bohannon
 Colleen Barry
Daniela Astone
 Erin Anderson
Juliette Aristides
 Magdalena Almy
Mary Minifie
 Maureen Hyde
Sadie Valeri
Stanka Kordic
Zoey Frank
 Elizabeth Zanzinger
 Kate Sammons
Susan Lyon

Like the title say, there are quite a few female artists out there who are truly pushing the boundaries of realism.  I know a lot of people feel female artists are under-represented in the art world, so here is my tribute to them (part1).  After seeing the amount of talent out there, I sometimes have to bury my face in a bag of beef jerky (the male version of ice cream) and cry.  Man, being a white male in North America is hard.

All images are copyright of the artist.


  1. Great list so far. I'd love to hear more thoughts on WHY women are under-represented, under-applauded, etc. (as an artist who often has to put marriage and children before my studio time I kind of have an idea WHY) I'd also love to see some other genres as well.

  2. Kate, would you venture to tell us what qualities in these artists' work make you feel they have balls? What is your definition of "balls?" I would really like to hear your thoughts in more detail.

    Kristina, I'm not convinced that we can call an artist "under-represented" if she, by her own admission, spends considerably less time on her artwork, because to me representation has just as much to do with putting ourselves out there as it does with talent and quality of our work. I think we come closer to analyzing the problem when we consider the inequality of representation when all other factors are equal. That said, I am of course aware that many talented female artists don't have a chance to become well known because they simply don't get enough time to work, and that is frustrating, too.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Dave made this post, so you'll have to ask him what his criteria are, if he in fact has any. I'm pretty sure he just posted a bunch of work by artists he's looked up to for the past several years and has compared his own work to. He's not trying to make a comprehensive and end-all litany of every deserving female painter out there.

    2. Ah, yes, silly me, I see it was Dave who posted. So true, it would be impossible to list every deserving female artist! But, Dave, if you had any criteria for "artists with balls" other than what Kate says, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

    3. Criteria was really artists that I liked that happen to be female. I said "balls" because the word is funny. I hope to do a couple more of these lists. I am really just trying to introduce readers to more artists in general. Hopefully I can put together another one as some point soon.

  3. Ahh, I get it. I thought you meant "courageous" and I was wondering what clued you in! Obviously I was reading way too much into it. As Kate knows, I also had to ask what "badass painter" meant--I thought it was a style!--Anyway, I think it's a great idea what you're doing.

  4. Some excellent painters listed here. I paint like that too... in my mind. Because I have 8 kids and a husband who works at home and the only time I find to paint is when I wake up in the middle of the night from too much pizza!

  5. Hey guys! I was just looking around for a nice portrait example and clicked through to Kate Sammons image on this post! I had no idea you guys had blessed me with a pair of balls, haha. When you wrote this blog I was 2 weeks away from having a baby (which also requires balls) so I totally missed it. <3