Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meaty Meat Meat

Posted by: Dave

So I am on the home stretch for this particular still life painting now that I have my new super ADD antidote.  Unfortunately I had to do some problem solving along the way, and by "I", I mean Kate solved all my problems.  I had to switch out the cooler temperature light that was illuminating my actual painting.  There was too much of a discrepancy in temperature between the bulbs lighting the setup and the actual painting.  As a result, I decided to dim some things down a bit, like the cleaver.  Being a stereotypical starving artist, the hardest part of the still life was deciding whether or not to discard the steak that was sitting under the lights on a dirty board for 4 hours, or to just eat it and risk food poisoning.  I need to paint something less delicious next time so I don't have to worry about this, like broccoli, or tofu dogs, or a dead cat.

On a side note, I have also been introducing Epoxide Oil from Natural Pigments into my darks.  It helps quite a bit with sinking in, and is far more soluble and fluid than Stand Oil.

 End of First Painting 

Addition of the best part...meat. 

Start of second painting

Now that I have your attention, I also wanted to shamelessly plug my workshop in Whidbey this summer.  Remember, I don't get paid for this blog (you vampires) so it's a great way for me to get paid for a week of hearing myself talk.  I will also reveal to those taking my workshop how to make my super secret painting formula....ok, it's linseed oil, happy.


  1. Dear Meathead-

    Are you adding the Epoxide Oil to your darks while on the palette, or are you painting into a couch of it?


    PS- Tell me when you need the cat for that next still life.

    1. Ha, I add it directly into my bone black. It darkens it slightly and really does reduce the sinking in. It is too sticky for a couch, but still superior to stand oil. I just couch with oleogel now.

  2. Hmmm... I should take a workshop with you at Whidbey and steal your mojo.

  3. Yeah, but I'm not that good of a teacher. I am never happy unless I see tears.

  4. I typically cry in front of the easel. And away from the easel. Basically, I just cry all the time now. Or maybe it's cat allergies. Meds are cheaper up your way whether it's anti-allergy or anti-depressant, so it's a win no matter what.

  5. BTW I'm crying right now . . . it's almost like you're here teaching me to paint!