Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meat is Art

Posted by: Dave

Just like the title says, I am continuing on with a theme for my art that inspires me;  grinding up animals into delicious sausages and patties for my grilling pleasure.  Trying this same setup with Tofu simply wouldn't be the same. 

There are two primary differences in the execution of this still life over my others.  The first is that for the first time I am using colored gels over the light source in order to get a specific field color; in this case orange.  It gives quite a nice harmony to all the objects to have some amount of red orange in them.  The second difference for this still life is that I am doing it on Concerta, which has given me superpowers for the first time in my life.  If you don't know what its like to have ADD,  think of a 4 year old you just fed 100 pixie sticks to and set them loose in a toy store that also has free puppies.  It's pretty much that level of focus.  But now I feel like the guy from the movie "Limitless."   I have so much focus I can see things before they happen like a Jedi.  The still life below is only 2 days worth of painting. 

 Drawing for transfer. 

 Start of ébauche

Ébauche finished with second pass of paint to solidify values and colors.


 Beginning of first painting



  1. Concerta you say? I don't even have ADD (but I was hyperactive as a child, which is like hipster ADD).

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