Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why I love being married to an artist

Posted by: Kate

Today Dave and I celebrate our five year anniversary.  Sometimes I wonder where the time went, but then I remember that we spent it having fun.  In honor of the special day I would like to present my Ten Reasons why it is Awesome Being Married to Another Artist.

1.  They share your artist flakiness.  "You forgot to make dinner reservations?  Perfect!  I forgot it was our anniversary."

2.  They understand that it's more important to have a studio than a dining room, and are happy to eat off their laps so long as you have a place to paint.

3.  They think it's a BRILLIANT idea to buy that viking helmet off of ebay, and by the way, they saw a whale harpoon at the flea market and they bought it for you.

4.  You get to split the work.  Dave hates varnishing.  I hate making panels.  Looks like a match made in heaven to me.

5.  They're not jealous when you spend your evenings painting.

6.  You can do gallery shows with them!  I know it takes me about two years to produce enough work to fill a one man show.  As a matter of fact we're splitting a show at M Gallery next month.

7.  Your most ruthless critic is on hand at all times to push you in your art.  Please see Ten Reasons Why It Sucks to be Married to an Artist.

8.  They're schedule is as flexible as yours.  You end up spending a ton of time with each other.  Probably about three times as much as everyone else spends with their spouse.

9.  Their idea of a vacation also involves museums and art galleries.

10.  Anniversary presents are unusually suited to artist couples.  Paper?  Linen?  Boo-yah. 

Happy Anniversary, honey.  I was able make dinner reservations after all.


  1. *Im looking forward to the 10 reasons it sucks! Enjoy your anniversary!

  2. Aww, beautiful little post Kate! The 5th year gift is wood so go buy yourselves a new easel. ;)

    Happy anniversary to you both!

  3. You guys are awesome, I miss you guys!


  4. Super sweet!!!! Congratulations!!!! Many many happy years to come. Great top ten! I hope to see you in the spring at PSoA,:)) Amy

  5. Yeah sweet...and the other best you both agree to turn off that damn television and listen to music or audiobooks...Congradulations...Wood it is...

  6. It must be a blessing, I am married to someone who is not only NOT an artist, but is not into art at all. Visited a museum with him once... I was standing there at a painting wanting to soak it in and look at every detail and brush stroke, he was checking his watch, thinking about the parking meter and what/when we were going to eat. Had to walk through several rooms of the Museum without stopping at all... just could not take any time to appreciate what I was seeing.
    Of course, he is wonderful in other ways, and puts up with my flakiness, the mess on our table, the money spent on paint...