Friday, November 30, 2012

Show at M Gallery

Posted by: Kate

Dave and I are in a show with M Gallery (Charleston, SC) that opens tomorrow.  We've been so focused on it and so busy chasing our tails and screaming at FedEx minions that we forgot to share it with the world.  Oh well.  You probably already heard about it.  We know that we were among the last to know about it, when one day a magazine editor got in touch with us and said, "As you know, we are doing an editorial for your upcoming two man show..." and I was like, "Yeah, of cooooouuurse, just give me a sec, I want to get my gallery on the phone..."

Dave and I will have an assortment of oldies but goodies and fresh out of the oven pieces.  I would especially love it if someone bought "The Pair."  I'm just putting that suggestion out there for the universe to mull over.


  1. Congrats! How long will the show be up?

  2. Officially for the month of December, but the paintings that don't sell will stay in the gallery until they do.