Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh, it's on now.

Posted by: Dave

You know how people like to joke about how tough they are, but as soon as you put them in the "cross face crippler", they get all mad.  Well, that is about to happen.  So Kate has thrown down the gauntlet and created a competition knowing full well she had a 2 week head start.  I know a lot of people out there will say "but Dave, just let her win, she needs this, she is a fragile little flower."  Poppycock.  Aggressive vengeful competition is what makes artists couples function so well together.  Nobody is satisfied until tears are shed and egos are crushed like a simile.  Well, I have only had 4 days work on my painting, and I am almost more than half way through first painting....bam, time to catch up.

Manly ébauche finished.

Half way through first painting.

For something new, I wanted to talk a little about a painting and drawing concept I learned from Michael John Angel known as "big form modeling."  Supposedly this technique was passed down from Pietro Annigoni...or so the legend goes.  Essentially, it is rendering a subject in terms of it's most simplified form, ignoring smaller surface forms.  For example, a head could be a sphere or egg, and an arm could be a cylinder.  I rarely use this technique as a finished statement, but rather keep it more conceptually in my head while painting and drawing.  I left the top of the dolls head in this statement to show my blog readers how it could be used.  You see what I do for you?  Do you readers see how I treat all of you like a special and unique snowflake?  Anyway, this statement allows for smaller forms to be added once the larger form feels volumetric. Value and chroma transitions should be paid attention to closely. 

Keep in mind that "big form modeling" does not affect shadows, only the lights. (and yes, I am fully aware my demo looks like a pissed off orange)

Here is a handout I made back when I was teaching that explains it in further depth.

Still not convinced of my awesomeness over Kate?  Behold, my portrait of squid demon man (done from life)


  1. Well the eye of the squid is kind of flat. I I doubt it looked that way on a model..

  2. I'm sure you know this, when you compete with your wife, you can not win. Heads she wins, tails you lose. Sorry man!

    When you come to Washington, any chance of bringing the tatgun? I'd love to get some work!