Friday, October 5, 2012

New Crap

Posted by: Dave

I thought I would give an update on some projects I have been both finishing and starting.  Below is a quick snapshot of the mask still life completed.  It just needs time to cure for the final varnish layer.  A lot of people ask me how one can tell when a piece is finished.  They say they feel like they could work on a piece forever, simply perfecting every aspect of it.  Clearly these people do not have ADD or a budget.  For me, I end a piece in the same way I end a Kevin Costner movie.  I get my entertainment in, then I drift off and start something else when I get really bored.  I mean honestly, can anyone even tell me how Waterworld ends?  I have seen the first three quarters of that movie five times.

The "Happy Huntsman" is also slowly moving forward.  I have only picked it up a few times, but each time I do I somehow magically accomplish a whole lot.  Well I guess that's meth for you (and by meth I mean methodicalness...a fat hit of methodicalness).  I still need to paint the hair and background, and I decided to add either a feather or a squirrel tail hanging off the butt of his rifle to balance out the composition, but it's on its way. I also take great pleasure in my father-in-law hunting down more black squirrels for their tails.  Now before the hippies start whining, just know it's a Vancouver Island tradition to kill invader species that adversely affect the local wildlife.  Just the other day, I ran over some guy because he was from NYC.

Kate and I have also both started painting creepy doll still life's recently.  Kate started one first, then I ripped off her idea because it looked so damn cool.  I have also been experimenting with different light sources for my still life paintings.  This is the first time I have built a light source into a shadow box.  I have yet to see how well this will work.  You can see the block-in which I have transferred through the beginning of the ébauche below.

Kate will be updating hers soon as well.  We were actually going to have a still life battle like we did when we first launched the blog, but Kate is already so far ahead of me.  Now that doesn't mean she would have won, because as we all know, she's a girl.

Cartoon finished.
 Transfer of drawing after graphite was applied to the back.
Transfer complete.
Start of ébauche. 


  1. ?? you have a graphite tracing under your oils?? Be careful I have seen graphite strike through oil paint layers. ;/ I transfer over my drawings with pan pastel cause they are pigment based and not graphite.

    1. I have heard that it can be problematic, but then a again places like the GCA and Bouguereau for that matter used india ink to transfer with, which is way darker and more permanent. I might try the pan pastels though. Thanks man.

  2. Sometimes I laugh until I almost cry when I read your blog - thanks so much for starting my day off well. Oh, and the art is crazy good.

  3. In Water World.. i think they found a dry land at the end but I'm not 100% sure :)

  4. I found your blog for the first time today... curses! Having bookmarked it, I know I will now use it as an excuse to avoid painting when I am having an off day. I just spent an hour reading through a bunch of your blog posts - laughing, commiserating, wishing I had more talent! Love both of your artworks and your senses of humour.